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Residential Digital Voice

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Plan Pricing

Call Redirect
$8 / per month
  • Redirect Number to Any US Phone Number
  • Activation Fee $30
Digital Phone
$10 / per month
  • Unlimited Domestic Calls to the contiguous 48 States
  • Voice ATA Rental $5 per month
  • Activation Fee $30
Digital Fax Line
$25 / per month
  • 300 minutes per month
  • $150 one time equipment charge
  • Activation Fee $30
*Applicable federal, state, and local taxes/fees will apply. A fee explanation can be seen here. Voice ATA may be purchased for $59.95.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my phone number be listed in the phone book?
For an additional $7, your phone number will be submitted to the directory listing service.
Can I use my fax machine?
No. However, we do offer an option to add a fax line. There is an additional one time equipment charge of $150 and $25 per month.
What is the price for 411 calls?
411 Calls are charged at the rate of $1 per call.
Can I port my number to your service?
Most numbers are portable to our service. Please call or email support@shelbybb.com to verify number portability.
How does the 911 Service Work?
The registered address for E911 services is added to the 911 database. When you make a call from your home with your equipment, it will be registered to your home address.
Does my computer need to be on to use your service?
No, our service will use your internet connection. As long as your internet connection is working, your phone service will continue to work.
What is VoIP Service phone service and how is it different than a landline?
VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is the technology that turns your analog voice into digital data and sends it over the Internet instead of over traditional phone lines. Shelby Broadband utilizes VoIP technology differently from its competition, in that the calls are completed on our network, and not to some obscure datacenter on the other side of the US. With a traditional landline phone, your number is tied to where you live. If you move or travel, you can't always take that number with you. Internet phone service is completely portable, so you can turn any phone into your home phone with just the VoIP adapter and a high-speed Internet connection. Plus, ShelbyBroadband VoIP phone service has many features you can't get with a landline.
Will my alarm system work with your VoIP service?
Not at this time.
What happens if my power goes out?
When you sign up for our service, you'll set up a Network Availability Number, which can be any landline or cell number - such as your work number or cell phone. Then during a power or Internet outage, all your calls will be forwarded to that number. After the power or Internet service is back up, your phone rings again as usual.