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Who We Are

In March of 2006, Shelby Wireless began as a startup to bring Broadband Internet Access to the rural parts of Shelby County. After completing our beta phase in August of 2006, we went live and launched Shelby Wireless as a viable Internet Service company. Two years later our growth and expansion was phenomenal. We grew from a little shop of 2, to a company of 9. At this point, we looked for ways to increase our business model, and expand into other counties. We decided to purchase Elk Creek Internet Service from Chandler Enterprises, and now covered both Shelby and Spencer Counties.

At the end of October 2008, Shelby Wireless began preparing to take the company to the next step. We researched ways to better penetrate areas with our Internet Service and to provide other telecommunications services for our customers. In November 2008, we filed to become a facilities based CLEC, allowing us to begin constructing our own wireline networks to provide next generation services to our current and potential customers. In preparation for our next generation network we changed our name from Shelby Wireless to Shelby Broadband.

At the beginning of 2013 we completed construction on our first Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Internet and Voice network in Simpsonville, KY. Shelby Broadband is currently working with the cities of Simpsonville and Shelbyville to provide FTTH services to their residents, expanding our footprint and providing services that are more reliable and cost-effective than incumbent carriers.

Shelby Broadband maintains an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.


Shelby Broadband has been identified as a leader in the Broadband Industry. In fact, each year Shelby Broadband opens the doors to our business to show how the company operates, and more than 30 ISP businesses from around the world have toured and visited our facilities. As a result, our industry’s national association WISPA, awarded us The Operator of the Year Award. The Shelby Broadband Team has more than 30 years of combined experience in providing Internet and Voice Services. Today, Shelby Broadband is proud to employ more than 15 team members.

What We Do

  • Residential Wireless
  • Residential Fiber
  • Residential Voice
  • Residential Cloud
  • Business Wireless
  • Business Fiber
  • Business Voice
  • Business Enterprise WiFi

Meet Our Team

  • Chuck Hogg - President/Co-Founder

Chuck Hogg has been a Shelby County native since 1983. Chuck attended Shelby County Public Schools and Trinity High School, then going on to receive his Business Degree in Information Systems at Xavier University in 2000. Upon receiving his degree, Chuck started FatHosting, a Web Site Hosting Company. He then joined an Internet Company, Mail.com where he maintained a pool of over 100 servers. Chuck also worked at Construction Zone and Humana. In 2002 Chuck joined web development company, VIA Internet Studio, as a Partner. Chuck also created and maintained the original Shelby County Public Schools website. At this time, Chuck began creating his own online real estate, and created a new company with Gerard in 2005.

  • Gerard Dupont - VP/Co-Founder

Gerard Dupont, began operating BBS’s at the age of 12. In 1995 Gerard worked at a small computer store before taking on the job of System Administrator of an Internet Service Provider in 1997. In late 1999 Gerard designed and built one of the first city wide wireless networks in Louisiana for SkyCom1.com. In 2001 he joined a computer distributor as Lead Technician. In 2002 Gerard and Chuck began working on Internet projects together, started an Advertising company in 2004 and joined Chuck with Avolutia in January of 2005. Being a transplant from New Orleans, Gerard moved to Simpsonville in August 2005, narrowly missing Hurricane Katrina.

  • DJ Anderson - Operations Manager

DJ Anderson, a native of Shelbyville KY, has been involved in ISP operations for the last 6 years. DJ graduated from the Morehead State School of Business and has been managing the ISP daily operations and network. While DJ attended Shelby County High School, he was employed by Shelby Broadband as an intern.